Indiana Dressage Society (IDS)
a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization

Volunteer Jobs

Videos showing the jobs with be coming soon.  For details, please click on the job.

Scribe (to write down the judge's comments onto the appropriate test sheet. A scribe never adds or deletes anything that is not requested by the judge.  To sit quietly and concentrate for hours.  Give completed tests to Runner)

Runner (to collect the tests from scribes/judges in a fast yet inconspicuous manner, and deliver them to the scorers in the show office)

Ring Steward (to ensure the correct rider-horse combination enters the competition arena at the correct time; recognized shows also involve checking that riding aids legal -- bits, spurs, and whip)

Scorer (the scorer works in the show office and uses an adding machine to add up the scores directly from the tests)

Awards (to organize the awards and prize table and distribute completed test scores, ribbons, prizes and special awards to the competitor or their designee)