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Welcome to the Indiana Dressage Society Volunteer Page! Thank you for visiting our page. IDS LOVES our volunteers!  It is through the hard work, dedication and commitment of our many volunteers that we can provide educational opportunities and sponsor our schooling shows and USDF/USEF recognized shows.

The Volunteer Committee currently consists of
Denise Driscoll, Chair
Kathleen Curry   
Kathleen is also the IDS Volunteer Recognition Program Recorder -- address:
14157 Warbler Way North Carmel, IN 46033
Elinor Weith       
Deanne Bertram 
Deb Parent       
Lynne Bergh     

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our volunteers who made the IDS May Schooling Show possible: Suzanne Artale, Elleanor Boehning, Kennedy Boehning, Grant Boehning, Vicki Bye, Crystal Christensen, Kay Dixon, Toni Forslund,Emilie Gaza, Kathi Hammond, Terry Luley, Shannon Pritchard, Judy Snyder, Chuck Van Meter.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU for our fabulous volunteers at the Indy Dressage Classic I & II without whom our shows would not have been a success!

Bobbi Hazelbaker, Kay Dixon, Keli Hankee, Vicki Bye, Alicia Kuebler, Leeanne Whalen, Joyce Miller, Deb Parent, Denise Driscoll, Annette Perez, Bonna McCuiston, Robert Marr, Greg Pemberton, Angelique LeVell, Suzanne Artale, Maureen Amirault, Elinor Weith, Shay Trumble, Pat Sperlick, Janice Kelly, Evan Chapple, Laura Downey, Linda Martin, Terry Luley.

A Special Thank You
Thank you to the following volunteers who made the IDS Schooling Show and Championships possible:
Suzanne Artale, Jan Engle, Jenna Stewart, Vicki Bye, Denise Driscoll, Katherine Duff, Ellanor and Stuart Boehning, Colleen and Todd Curry, Linda Phifer, Sharon Shedron, Ann Boehning, Kathleen Curry.

Job Description -- To write down the judge’s comments onto the appropriate test sheet.  A scribe never adds or delete anything that is not requested by the judge. To sit quietly and concentrate for hours Give the completed tests to Runner.

Job Description -- To collect the tests from scribes/judges in a fast yet inconspicuous manner, and deliver them to the scorers in the show office.  


Job Description: To ensure the correct rider-horse combination enters the competition arena at the correct time.

Job Description: The Scorer works in the Show Office and uses an adding machine to add up the scores directly from the tests.

Job Description: To organize the awards and prize table and distrtibute completed test scores, ribbons, prizes and special awards to the competitor or their designee.