Indiana Dressage Society



IDS Members in the NEWS!!

Please click on the following link to read an article as published in Dressage Daily ( entitled:  Korin Rinaldo and Benjamin Albright Join Kaiser Dressage Training Team at Forrest Hill Farm.


Thank you to our WONDERFUL Volunteers at the
Indy Dressage Classic I & II on June 21 & 22!  They are: Linda, Phifer, Toni Forslund, Elizabeth Hord, Christina Van Ryckeghem, Kennedy Boehning, Ellanor Boehning, Grant Boehning, Angela Goodwin-Volpert, Ann Boehning, Sandra Hoffman, Ann Quinn, Colleen Rosemeyer, Leslie Walden, Malanie and Noelle Maxwell, Stephanie Schulenborg, Brooke Sheridan, Robert Marr, Merley Pickett, Karen Trapp, Robin and Greg Pemberton, Vicki Bye, Janet Engle, Terry Luley, Kathi Hammond and our Manager, Angelique LeVell and Local Manager, Bonna McCuiston.